Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Minutes For 10/3/11

Minutes For 10/3/11
Northfield Public Library

Members Present: Jasper, Ryan, Emma, Maddie G, Maddie S, Nate, Seth, Chen, Will, Olivia, Emma, Elizabeth(via text) and New Member Maia Garcia!

1. Welcome Maren Levad from Minnesota History Society & TAB Introductions

Maren Levad shared some free teen workshop options such as State of Me, Steampunk History, Minnesota Myths, Minnesota Comics, Bandolier Bags, and Etiquette School for Young Ladies. TAB had interest in Steampunk, Minnesota Comics, and Etiquette School for Young Ladies. Will tell the winner when announced.

2.Teen Advisory Board Roles & Responsibilities (copied from By-Laws)

A) The officers shall be a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer elected from the members of TAB. All officers should make a special effort to attend all meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by TAB.
B) The president of TAB will work closely with the TAB advisor to organize TAB meetings. The TAB advisor will assist the president in creating the meeting agenda and will preside over TAB meetings. The president will act as the contact person for other TAB members who want items added to the agenda.
C) The vice-president will serve as the president in his or her absence. The vice-president will serve as membership coordinator, keeping track of active and inactive members and new applications. They will be in charge of promoting and recruitment of new membership. The vice-president will inform and remind all members of upcoming meetings, programs and special events.
D) The secretary will keep minutes of TAB meetings keeping them available to all via email and on the TABleau Blog on the library’s website. The secretary will be responsible for the attendance sheets at all meetings and inform the vice-president of absent members at meetings. The secretary will read the highlights of the previous meeting’s minutes at the beginning of each meeting. The secretary will keep track of all votes taken at each meeting. The secretary will serve as the president in the absence of the presiding president and vice-president.
E) Treasurer oversees the management and reporting of TAB’s finances. TAB’s funds will be established with a TAB account at a bank. Duties include:
· Bank account maintenance – co- signing checks/debit card
· Financial transaction oversight – Being knowledgeable about who has access to the organization’s funds, and any outstanding bills or debts owed, as well as developing systems for keeping cash flow manageable
· Budgets – Developing the annual budget as well as comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against the budget
Reports – Keeping the board informed on a monthly basis via the agenda

3. Elections and Swearing In!

With The Ballot Ready and Elizabeth Texting in her speech, we only had to do a re-vote for President between Elizabeth and Chen. Election Results were:
Chen Ye: President
Maia Garcia: Vice President
Maddie Guyott: Secretary
Ryan Pritchard: Treasurer
Officers were sworn in on a really cool, hundred year-old book about the history of the bible.

4. Haunted Library

TAB decided to do a Creepy Carnival Theme for the Library

TAB is changing!

Hi there! I'm Chen, the new TAB president, and I'll be highlighting a few of the changes we'll be making in the near future.

First and foremost, you might notice our new and update online presence--we've changed the design of this blog considerably (though things are still subject to shuffle around a little as we add polish here and there), and there's a completely new facebook page for all you to follow, right here! We're planning to be considerably more active online from now on, so keep updated!

Secondly, you might have noticed important internal reshuffling going on in TAB. We've decided to adopt an official series of rules and bylaws, which include the election of officers. I am pleased to report that your new TAB officers are:

Chen Ye (myself) - President
Maia Garcia - Vice President
Maddie Guyott - Secretary
Ryan Prichard - Treasurer

Elections will be held once a year, and we expect this change to allow for TAB to react and perform much faster, not to mention to have more productive meetings :-).

There are a few other minor changes that TAB has adopted just to streamline and update things, which I'm sure you'll find welcoming.

Well, that's really all for this post. I'm really excited to say that this is the beginning of a new era for TAB, and that we hope to become much more professional, effective, and well known throughout Northfield.

Enjoy the ride!
Chen Ye
TAB President

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

TAB is featured in an article in the Northfield News!

Click here to read the article

This photo is from the 2009
Haunted Library.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

ELECTION results!

Meet the first ever TAB officers!
Left to right- Ryan Prichard: Treasurer, Maddie Guyott: Secretary, Maia Garcia: Vice-President and
President Chen Ye.

The theme of the HAUNTED LIBRARY to be Sunday, Oct. 30th from 6:30-8 will be CREEPY CARNIVAL.  Think Jesse James Days carnival only with zombies, creepy clowns and games of skill.