Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Official Notice of TAB election!

Description of TAB Officer duties adopted 9/12/11.
Election will be held at the next meeting Monday, Oct. 3 at the NEW START TIME! 6:30.


                A) The officers shall be a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer elected from the members of TAB.  All officers should make a special effort to attend all meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by TAB.
                B) The president of TAB will work closely with the TAB advisor to organize TAB meetings.  The TAB advisor will assist the president in creating the meeting agenda and will preside over TAB meetings.  The president will act as the contact person for other TAB members who want items added to the agenda.
                C)  The vice-president will serve as the president in his or her absence.  The vice-president will serve as membership coordinator, keeping track of active and inactive members and new applications.  They will be in charge of promoting and recruitment of new membership.  The vice-president will inform and remind all members of upcoming meetings, programs and special events.
                D)  The secretary will keep minutes of TAB meetings keeping them available to all via email and on the TABleau  Blog on the library’s website.  The secretary will be responsible for the attendance sheets at all meetings and inform the vice-president of absent members at meetings.  The secretary will read the highlights of the previous meeting’s minutes at the beginning of each meeting.  The secretary will keep track of all votes taken at each meeting.  The secretary will serve as the president in the absence of the presiding president and vice-president.
                E) Treasurer oversees the management and reporting of TAB’s finances. TAB’s funds will be established with a TAB account at a bank. Duties include:     
  • Bank account maintenance – co- signing checks/debit card 
  • Financial transaction oversight – Being knowledgeable about who has access to the organization’s funds, and any outstanding bills or debts owed, as well as developing systems for keeping cash flow manageable
  • Budgets – Developing the annual budget as well as comparing the actual revenues and expenses incurred against the budget
  • Reports – Keeping the board informed on a monthly basis via the agenda.
F) Officers will serve a term of one year, from September to the following July.
G) Each September a new election will be held.  Officers may serve in the same office for up to 3 years.

                A) The regular meetings will be held once a month on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm ending by    8 pm.
                B) Special meetings may be called by the TAB advisor and/or president to complete tasks as needed.