Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

TAB meeting notes from Feb. 2nd

Members present- Seth, Johanna, Faith, Ryan, Aaron, Ana, Elizabeth and new member Chris Hager!

We mostly talked about mini-golf. We have 4 hole sponsors: Friends of the Library, Northern Gardener, Nfld Entertainment Guide and Tiny's. We traded hole sponsorships for an ad in the Entertainment guide and for Tiny's Hot Dogs. So, so far we have brought in $150. Please try to get some more hole sponsors!
We decided on the hole themes-
1. Friends of the Library- they wanted Booker Faith will be in charge.
2. Nfld Entertainment Guide- they wanted recycling/green ideas. Ana is in charge.
3. no sponsor create a book pile hole?
4. Alice in Wonderland. Johanna is in charge.
5. Northern Gardener- elevator hole no one claimed it yet
6. Tropical theme- we can use stuff the library has- no one claimed it yet
7. Music hole- Elizabeth is in charge, Brandon emailed and he will help with this one.
8. Our model train- Aaron is in charge
9. Tiny's- the pipe down the stairs hole- no one claimed it yet
If we get sponsors we can change/modify the holes.
Please come in any afternoon and start working on you creations! I'm here and can get you started.
We then "weeded" the YA section- removed old, obsolete or worn out books.
We were finished @ 8- THANKS to all who attended!!!

Let's get to work on mini-golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!